Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3/4 Length Sleeve Dresses for Girls

I'm so excited to show you these new 3/4 length sleeve dresses. I love these! They are very similar to the cap sleeve, just a little longer on the sleeve and the neckline and sleeve are gathered a little different. I think it gives it more of a "ruffled" look.

These black dresses have so many varieties!

Wouldn't it also be cute with a red sash and ruffled border for Christmas?

This dress was so fun to put together, the gal that ordered it was so easy going and just told me what colors she wanted, and I designed the rest. Aren't these color combinations to die for?
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  1. all the 3 are equally good.. year on year with the availability of new new designs, shopping christmas dresses for girls is getting easier. thanks designers, for your efforts